Welcome to Apptank SAS

A team of professionals dedicated to developing mobile solutions that contribute to the technological development of the agricultural sector.

We are a company dedicated to developing mobile tools (Apps) in order to solve or facilitate processes in production chains (agricultural or industrial), we generate communication channels between users and service providers, we are an incubator and developer of ideas.

We contribute to the productivity of our clients and the development of livestock, offering intelligent products that guarantee sustainable development.
We are leaders in Latin America, we provide innovative solutions in livestock.
We are a working group with global responsibility and an innovative and efficient motivated human team.


Developing solutions for specific needs, in this way we want to create a positive impact in the livestock world, the world of agriculture, the business world. Facilitating that manual and complex processes are executed in a faster, more dynamic and efficient way. Streamlining execution time and optimizing results than traditional low-cost methods would usually consume more time, effort, labor, and cost.


To be a company that is characterized by being at the forefront of developing solutions for different needs, taking advantage of the great possibilities that Smartphone have, benefiting from genuine ideas and solutions.

Experts in the development of mobile applications

Get to know some of the applications that we have developed in recent years.

The best cattle showcase

TVGAN is the App for Android devices that allows you to buy or sell livestock of any species without having to move them from farms, since its marketing model is based on previous recordings of the specimens being sold.

LIVESTOCK CONTROL The best livestock management app

Livestock Control opens the doors to the technification of your livestock through our application that allows a complete analysis of the performance of your livestock company.

APP TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Connectivity for better health in the Colombian countryside

The first application that connects the country's ranchers with veterinarians, agronomists and nutritionists.

SEGUGANThe first livestock transport insurance

A product never before seen on the market to reduce the risks of farmers