Livestock Control in the main media

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Two years ago, a revolution in the national and international agrarian industry with its launch. Today, a relaunch that breaks with all borders.

Welcome to the modernization of livestock companies.

We are weeks away from the great re-launch of Livestock Control, which in its new version will bring state-of-the-art technology to the ranchers and peasants of the country's agricultural sector.

Livestock Control consolidates its leadership as the tool that allows the technification of livestock companies.

Agricultural industry unions

Learn about some of the new functions of the application in this publication by the newspaper Contexto Ganadero.

Unprecedented growth and adoption

Over 45,000 downloads

Breaking all odds and waiting for 100,000 downloads this year.

World class app

Download and implementation of the application in more than 15 countries in America and Europe.

Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English

Available in exclusive languages ​​and variations for each country.

Native programming for Android & IOS

Ensuring a new user experience.

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Livestock Control in the main media

Our Founder
Arturo Arciniegas

The first Endeavor entrepreneur in Colombia.

Arturo Arciniegas, general manager of Apptank SAS, is the founder and leader behind Control Ganadero, his bid to develop the Colombian and Latin American countryside through the technification of livestock companies.

Serial entrepreneur, Arturo Arciniegas began his business project with Ideagro, a project focused on marketing machinery to harvest, store and distribute food for livestock. His innovation and leadership in the local market led him to be chosen as the first Colombian Endeavor entrepreneur, an award given by the prestigious international foundation.

Committed and passionate about positively impacting agriculture and livestock, Arturo Arciniegas brings Control Ganadero, an application that in its functions and interface reflects its years of experience and commitment to the modernization of livestock.