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How to start your TECHNOLOGY with livestock control?

  • Practical tips
  • Tips to start with Livestock Control
  • Key functions
  • Questions and answers with the participants

How to create an animal

  • Learn how to create the resume of your animals.
  • Register father and mother.
  • Record the data.
  • Track weight at birth, weaning, and first year.

How to generate reports and share them

  • Learn how to report to analyze the performance of your business.
  • Learn how to choose the variables required for your analyzes.
  • Improve the performance of your livestock business from the palm of your hand

How to share the resume of your animals

  • Learn to share your animals' resume on social networks, email, WhatsApp and others.
  • Facilitate the marketing of your animals through this exclusive Livestock Control function.

How to record milk sales

  • Get in the habit of registering every milk sale in Control Ganadero easily and quickly, and start keeping a record that allows you to carry out controls and projections.
  • Learn to register liters sold, buyers, animals, cats and consumption.
  • Learn how to easily find the total, monthly and daily sales of your livestock business.

How to register milk in the field

  • Forget forever the cumbersome spreadsheets of the past and start to quickly, safely and digitally record the milk production of your animals