July 28, 2020
June 10, 2020

► How a dairy farm in Mexico uses technology to enhance its results

Today we travel to Mexico, to share an excellent video of  Campo de México, where Güicho Rojas, in charge of ranching Rancho La Cañada, opens the doors of his dairy farm, explaining in detail how technology plays an essential role in the performance of their animals, generating exemplary profitability.

You will learn:

  • Identification of animals for production monitoring
  • Time and milking times of your cows
  • Your average number of liters milked per cow
  • Water and concentrate requirements of your cows
  • Complete milking, storage and delivery cycle
  • How they build the beds for their cows
  • Water recycling and power generation processes

Definitely an example of how technology is the way to bring our livestock companies to the levels of production and profitability that we dream of. Download the Livestock Control APP to start your livestock technification process for free.