July 28, 2020

► How to use the smart grazing method in your livestock

At Livestock Control we are committed to teaching you how to apply the most productive livestock techniques in the world to increase the profitability of your livestock company.

Today we want to share this video courtesy of TV Agro where it is explained how Colombian professor Jaime Aristizabal improved the four laws of the system Voison intensive grazing, to generate better results, maximizing the production of meat and milk of your animals through an optimal, rational and sustainable use of pastures.

We invite you to learn about the system that can be applied in any country, climate, pasture and type.

Once you implement it, do not forget to keep your records in the Livestock Control app, in order to measure the impact of the implementation of the intelligent grazing method on your farm and with your animals.

How did you like the video? How was the system implemented in your livestock? Compare your experience with the entire Livestock Control farming community.