July 28, 2020
June 16, 2020

► What does the livestock of the future look like?

Technology is entering our farms with giant steps. The speed at which technology is being developed for the agricultural sector has never been seen before. Today we have tools that we didn't even imagine when we were little.

The future is no longer alone in the movies. Genetically modified sperm. Tractors without drivers. Multipurpose drones. The future has arrived.

With so much progress, where to start?

Step 1 is to recognize that closing the doors to technology is closing the doors to our company. Livestock without technology is a livestock with the days numbered.

Step 2 have an open mind to find the technology that best suits my needs and budget. Technology is putting aside paper records, outdated excel documents, and disorganized production.

Step 3 is to start small. Short but safe steps. Do not be overwhelmed or scared, but do not allow another day to pass without having technology in your livestock.

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